Nanduri Partha Sarathi

Nanduri Parthasarathi, perhaps more well known as 'NamPaaSaa', is a very senior Telugu writer and journalist of great repute. Humor and satire are his forte. Having started writing at a very young age of 18 in 1957, while he was still in college, NamPaaSaa has contributed scores of short stories, sketches and novels to various magazines such as Andhra Prabha, Andhra Jyothi, Jyothi, Swati and HaasyaPriya over a period of 40 years. He joined Andhra prabha as a journalist in 1959 when he was only 20 and served the paper for over 36 years. He retired from the service of Andhra Prabha in the year 1996. Over the years he has written hundreds of articles on subjects like Music, Dance, Film, Drama and Literature not only for his own newspaper Andhra Prabha but also for many other newspapers and periodicals.

His 'Sahitya Himsavalokanam' published in 1973 was a powerful satire on the deplorable trends of contemporary Telugu literature. It was recognized as an important land mark in the history of Telugu literature.  His 'Karkhanakhyanamu' was adjudged the best humorous novel and was awarded first prize by Andhra Jyothi weekly in the year 1972.  NamPaaSaa is also very well known for his 'Rambabu Diary'. He created 'Rambabu', a most lovable humorous character while he was still in college and over the years he contributed scores of 'Rambabu Diary' pieces to various periodicals. 'Rambabu Diary' was published in book form in three parts.

His novel 'Anaganaga oka Rajyam' was serialized in Andhra Prabha weekly and has recently been released in book form under the title 'Ayomaya Rajyam'. NamPaaSaa was honored with a prestigious literary award for his life time achievement as a humor writer by Telugu University in 1993.

Even though NamPaaSaa is more known for his creative writing, his name is familiar to music loving Telugu readers as well. He has written a multitude of articles on Indian classical music, particularly Hindustani music. Music, in fact, has always been his first love. He has in his possession a vast and unique collection of gramophone records, cassettes, and CDs in various genres of music like Hindustani classical, Carnatic classical, Western  classical, vintage film music (in Hindi, Telugu and other languages), Rabindra sangeet, Odissi music, Marathi natya sangeet, folk music, western pop, rock and jazz. He also has in his collection a large number of books and journals on music and other fine arts apart from books on Telugu and English literature.

After his retirement, he conceived, edited and published Rasamayi - a unique Telugu cultural monthly devoted exclusively to the promotion of fine arts such as Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Architecture, Sculpture, Cinema, Photography and Folk Arts with a generous sprinkling of humor and satire in a special feature HumouRasamayi. After an uninterrupted stint of 95 issues spanning over eight years, Rasamayi's last issue was published in April 2009.

NamPaaSaa is now seriously into music research. He continues to write and publish books on humor and fine arts. His most recent book 'Swararnavam', a comprehensive treatise on the history of indian music, was published in 2015.