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Nanduri Arts presentation 'స్వరశిల్పి పాలగుమ్మి' is a tribute to the great musician Sri Palagummi Viswanatham. He was 89 years old at the time he was interviewed by NamPaaSaa in April 2008. His age shows in his bearing, voice and singing. NamPaaSaa regrets not having been able to interview Palagummi at least ten years earlier as he was preoccupied with the publication of his Telugu cultural monthly magazine 'Rasamayi'.

Besides classical and folk music, in Andhra, two distinct genres - cinema music and light classical music originated around 1935-1940. While cinema music was born for Cinema, light classical music was born primarily from Radio.

Born in 1919 in Tirupatipuram of West Godavari district, Palagummi Viswanatham is one of 3 or 4 music directors who especially worked for the development of light classical music in Andhra. Not only was he a veena artist, singer and music composer but also like the great Telugu poet Devulapalli Krishnasastri, he wrote many emotional and childrens songs and composed music for them. Even after retiring from his long career at All India Radio, Palagummi continued his relentless service to music.

Viewers get to hear his musical journey and life highlights in his own words in this video series in 7 parts.

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Video first released in 2010

Links to the video series are below.

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